Welcome to N+P Group


At N+P Group we strive to work in an innovative way on a cleaner environment.
We do this by looking for solutions to the waste problem. At the moment, much waste that no longer can be recycled ends up in landfills.  


At N+P Group, the main activity has been the development, coordination and implementation of total concepts for the recycling of industrial residues for more than 20 years. This means that we manage the processes that happen at our production locations from our head office in Nieuw Bergen (L). We arrange, among other things, logistics and permits, but we also monitor the quality. At the production sites, waste is converted into alternative fuels and raw materials. By non-recyclable waste we mean waste that is exhausted or consists of several products and therefore cannot be separated further. By converting the waste into alternative fuels and raw materials, the waste acquires a new function and does not end up in landfills. N+P Group is not only active in the Netherlands, but also internationally.   


One of our products is Subcoal®, an alternative fuel made from non-recyclable waste. Subcoal® is used to replace polluting fossil fuels at various large industrial installations such as cement kilns, power stations or blast furnaces. It is used at cement plants as a fuel to heat the furnaces so cement can be made. With 1.2 tons of Subcoal®, on average about 1 ton of coal can be replaced. Subcoal® replacing coal is good for CO2 emissions. Subcoal® emits 56% less CO2 than coal.  Subcoal® is one of the alternative fuels from N+P Group. Other alternative fuels are paper rejects, paper sludge, RDF, SRF and TDF. In addition to alternative fuels, there are also alternative raw materials.  


N+P Group is an internationally recognized and certified service provider in recycling. We have developed into the specialist in the purchase and delivery of industrial residues.

By developing recycling concepts for the industrial residues, N+P Group is able to realize purchase and delivery reliability, independent of the seasons. N+P Group pushes the boundaries when it comes to the use of industrial residues such as secondary raw materials and fuels.

‘Waste to fuel’